Fearfully and Wonderfully Made- 10.27.19 – Rob Pilant

By October 27, 2019Messages
As we have been exploring this concept that we are fearfully and wonderfully made, we’ve been establishing who we are and what we should be. The next step in this conversation has to do with a way we view ourselves. I think we have settled for “sexy” when we should be going for beautiful. We live in a hyper-sexed society with lots of expectations. And I’m not sure meeting them is really the direction to go with your life.

Small Group Questions

  • What in your mind is the difference between “sexy” and “beautiful”? Which adjective does this world push people to be more of? Why do you think this is the case?
  • What does it really mean to be found “sexy”? Is that a bad thing? Why? What do you think is God’s design for sex?
  • Please read 1 Corinthians 6:12-20. Should we do everything we “can” do or have the power to do? Why or why not?  Why does Paul say sex outside of marriage is a bad thing? Do you agree or disagree why?
  • Paul says that sex outside of marriage is too small of a view of sexuality. Why? What happens when we have sex outside of marriage? Why would you recommend people be married before they have sex?

Download Small Group Questions here.