Fearfully and Wonderfully Made- 10.20.19 – Rob Pilant

By October 20, 2019 Messages
You are fearfully and wonderfully made! The ramifications of knowing that brings so much peace and joy to our lives. What’s it like though if someone doesn’t know this? Where do they get their identity, and how does it effect who they are? This week, we talk about something extremely delicate and personal, but it has the power to completely transform how we view ourselves and our sexual identity.

Small Group Questions

  • Have you ever been told you can be anything you want to be? If so, how did it affect you when you found out you couldn’t be? How do you see this kind of thinking (that we can be anything we want to be or do anything we want to do) impact the way people live their lives? How is it helpful or harmful to someone?
  • Do you think a child is qualified to determine who they are? Why or why not? Are you qualified to determine your own identity? Why or why not? Has the way you have viewed yourself changed over the years? Have you changed over the years? Do you think you’re done changing? How does this impact your identity?
  • Please read Genesis 1:27-31. What stands out to you when you read that passage? If you are designed and created by someone, who then determined who you are? Do you believe that your identity, including your sexuality, was determined by God? If you do, how does that effect how you approach your identity?
  • When people struggle with questions about God, how do you think we should respond? How are you helping people who have questions about God find answers? How are you helping people who have questions about God feel the freedom to ask their questions? What are you doing to make A Place For Everyone to Experience Jesus?

Download Small Group Questions here.