Fearfully and Wonderfully Made- 10.13.19 – Rob Pilant

By October 13, 2019 Messages
This Sunday we start a very hard but very needed conversation about these bodies we have. We live in a time when many, many, many people have body shame and are searching for identity. People are hurting and they shouldn’t be. There is a salve to heal this hurt and I want to share it with you this Sunday.

Small Group Questions

  • Do you know someone who struggles with body image? How does that person view themselves? How do you see them? If there is a disparity, why do you think it exists?
  • In Genesis 3:3-7, we are told that immediately after eating the forbidden fruit, Adam and Eve got dressed because they realized they were naked. Why do you think they were all of a sudden ashamed of their bodies? Why is shame harmful in how a person views him/herself? What are we now missing as adults that kids running around naked and unashamed have?
  • Genesis 1:27-31 says that after God created humanity that He said it was very good. Do you think that applies to our bodies? What do you think Adam and Eve looked like? Why do you think that? Why does that body type capture the essence of what you call “beauty”?
  • Psalm 139:13-15 is a wonderful psalm that describes God’s direct involvement in our individual creation. Knowing that God designed and created you individually, how does that make you feel? If God designed and created each and every human, which body type is the “right” one? Shame comes from how we view ourselves. The antidote to shame is seeing ourselves through God’s eyes. What does God see when He looks at you?

Download Small Group Questions here.