Dream Sunday- 10.6.19 – Rob Pilant

By October 7, 2019Messages
This Sunday is probably the most important one of our entire year! We talk about why we exist, what’s our dream and how in the world can we accomplish something as extravagant as truly making A Place For Everyone to Experience Jesus and His love! We’ve got an amazing day planned that is sure to leave its mark on your life!

Small Group Questions

  • What is one of the most vivid dreams you had as a child? What do you dream about as an adult? Why is there such a difference between the dreams we dream as kids and the dreams we dream as adults?
  • What are your emotional reactions to the statement “Creating A Place For Everyone”? Can it be done? Will it be done? What would keep it from being done? What would make it possible?
  • Please read Romans 10:9-15. Do you believe that anyone who trusts in Jesus will never be regret that decision? What makes you give that answer? Do you believe everyone needs Jesus? Why?
  • How will people find out who Jesus really is and what He’s really about if no one tells them? How are you telling people about Jesus? Who is one person you can specifically target to help them find Jesus? How will you do it?

Download Small Group Questions here.