It Doesn’t Make $ense- 11.10.19 – Lance Hagenbeck

By November 10, 2019Messages
If money could talk, what would it say?  What would it say about how you use it and spend it?  Would it say you are a spender, saver or somewhere in the middle?  Would it say you use it all on yourself or that you are generous with it?  This Sunday, we are going to talk about something that I believe our money would say that you wouldn’t necessarily expect it to say.  The world constantly fills our minds with its idea of what we should do with our money, but God’s word says something completely different.

Small Group Questions

  • What do you feel you regularly spend too much money on?
  • When it comes to managing money, what are three words that best describe you?
  • Parables are fictional stories Jesus told in order to teach his followers something important.  On that note, read Luke 12:13-21.
    -what does it mean when Jesus says “life does not consist in the abundance of possessions?
    -how does our culture shape our views about our stuff?
    -why did God call the man foolish for wanting to build bigger barns for his wealth?
    -what does it mean to be rich toward God?
  • How can being content with what we have lead us to live more generous lives?
  • If money is intended to be a means to something rather than the meaning of life, what would be a win statement for your money? If it’s not just consumption, upgrades, and waste, what is it?

Download Small Group Questions here.