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Virgin Territory- 12.1.19 – Rob Pilant

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Happy Thanksgiving! Hopefully, you had some good time to reflect on how good God’s been to you. But now, we are full on into the Christmas season, and we are talking about Virgin Territory: Christmas through the eyes of Mary, Momma of Jesus. What must it have been like for her knowing that she was giving birth to the Son of God who would one day give His life for all of mankind? That’s what we are talking about this Christmas!


Me or We?

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Lebron James can’t even hold a candle to Michael Jordan! There should be absolutely no question who the GOAT (Greatest Of All Time) is. If you actually think Lebron James deserves that title over MJ, then I’m not sure we can be friends, and…I’m not kidding! I could take the next hour of your time to defend my reasoning, but I know most of you would stop within the first thirty seconds. But let me at least make my case on one point that is extremely relevant to today’s thought. You can try to argue against this point, but you’d be wrong. Lebron James is one of the greatest individual basketball athletes ever. He might be the greatest basketball athlete ever. He’s taller and bigger than MJ. But when it comes to how Lebron plays the game versus how Jordan played the game, one thing becomes obvious. Lebron needs other great players to make himself good while Jordan took average players and made them incredible players when they played on his team. Jordan had this amazing ability to make those around him better. He challenged them, grew them, pushed them and helped them own their skills and abilities. It’s stunning to think back on the players that Jordan had around him when they won all those championships. There were a couple of greats, but most weren’t great until they got on Jordan’s team.
This ties directly into how we should be leading the teams and groups God has entrusted into our leadership. We have the ability to use our leadership to elevate ourselves and our own prowess, or we can choose to use our leadership to make those on our team better, to help them become everything God designed them to be. I love how the Apostle Paul is always talking about how we are better together. We are the body of Christ. None of us is the ultimate Christian with the ultimate Christian skills. Rather, we all have roles to play within the body: “4 Just as each of us has one body with many members, and these members do not all have the same function, 5 so in Christ we who are many form one body, and each member belongs to all the others. 6 We have different gifts, according to the grace given us.” (Romans 12:4-6). Paul then goes on to talk about each of us having different primary strengths, which helps each of us understand the roles we will find fulfillment in the most. What if we saw our leadership roles as helping people understand their gifting and then challenging them to use their gifts and cheering them on when they do? What if we saw our purpose as much more then making sure they not only knew what to do and when to do it, but we helped them understand how God uniquely designed them to fulfill the purpose for which they were created? What if we helped them become the amazing creations God designed them to be?
For me, and I think God too, that would be the way for each of us to become the GOAT! Although I’m not sure that should be our goal, but it at least gets us heading in the right direction. I’d love for you to take some time the next couple of weeks and work through the following questions and see if God reveals some ways you can help your team be everything God created them to be.
  • What is God’s dream for this group of people?
  • What do I have to offer my team? What does my team need that I can’t provide?
  • What is keeping me from leading this team at the next level?
  • What will this look like if it goes well?

It Doesn’t Make $ense- 11.17.19 – Rob Pilant

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It Doesn’t Make Sense…or does it? Does it make sense to give away what you’ve worked so hard to get? Part of us says “No” and yet another part, especially at this time of year feels really good about giving. Why? Why does being generous feel so good? There’s a very good reason, and I want to share it with you.

Small Group Questions

  • Who is someone who changed your life through their words or influence? How did that happen? Where would you be if certain key people had not invested in you?
  • Please read Luke 16:1-9. Why did Jesus tell this story? Why is the manager extremely smart for doing what he did? Why does Jesus praise the manager when it seems he swindled someone?
  • How often do you find yourself caught up in the same Game of Life everyone else gets caught up in? Why is it so easy to store up stuff and money? How do you break down your inclinations to choose stuff over people?
  • How are you being generous? What priorities in your life should change? What would that look like? Do you think it will make you happier? Why or why not? What would Jesus say?

Download Small Group Questions here.

It Doesn’t Make $ense- 11.10.19 – Lance Hagenbeck

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If money could talk, what would it say?  What would it say about how you use it and spend it?  Would it say you are a spender, saver or somewhere in the middle?  Would it say you use it all on yourself or that you are generous with it?  This Sunday, we are going to talk about something that I believe our money would say that you wouldn’t necessarily expect it to say.  The world constantly fills our minds with its idea of what we should do with our money, but God’s word says something completely different.

Small Group Questions

  • What do you feel you regularly spend too much money on?
  • When it comes to managing money, what are three words that best describe you?
  • Parables are fictional stories Jesus told in order to teach his followers something important.  On that note, read Luke 12:13-21.
    -what does it mean when Jesus says “life does not consist in the abundance of possessions?
    -how does our culture shape our views about our stuff?
    -why did God call the man foolish for wanting to build bigger barns for his wealth?
    -what does it mean to be rich toward God?
  • How can being content with what we have lead us to live more generous lives?
  • If money is intended to be a means to something rather than the meaning of life, what would be a win statement for your money? If it’s not just consumption, upgrades, and waste, what is it?

Download Small Group Questions here.

Whom Do You Inspire?

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She lied to me. There’s no doubt about it. My wife, who met me almost four years later, can attest to it. Her name was Sue Aubrecht. She was the brand new teacher at my tiny little Christian school. She had red hair and a temper to match!  It had been a while since we had a music program, so she came in to rekindle a love for music in the hearts of the students. Music had always been an interest of mine. My parents made me take piano lessons, and I sang in kid’s choirs and even in the junior high choir. But, it was a side interest; as you know, basketball was my focus. But when she announced that we would be starting a new choir, it didn’t interfere with basketball so I signed up. Her passion for the choir was contagious, and I found myself more and more drawn to it. One day, she stopped me to tell me that I had a really nice voice and a ton of potential. I don’t know about you, but when someone I highly admire says something like that to me, it makes an indelible print on my life. That day was the start of my music career. Fast forward several years to me auditioning for a traveling singing team where my now wife and I had our first significant interaction. Significant not because I wowed her with my vocal abilities, but in her words, “He sure is cute, but he can’t sing a lick!” Thankfully, she didn’t tell me what she really thought until much later in our relationship. Just to be blunt, I wasn’t very good, but I did have potential. Thanks not only to Mrs. Aubrecht but also Mrs. Cash and then Mr. Hancock, I was coached to a place where I became a decent singer, and I didn’t stop there. I kept working on singing and working and working and working until I actually became pretty good and served a church by being worship pastor for almost 15 years. Where did it start? One conversation with me at fifteen when someone whom I admired and I knew cared about me inspired me by saying “I see in you ______.”
God has given us a high position of influence in people’s lives. We have been given the power to inspire, deflate or miss people. I’d say by how I read the Bible, we are called to inspire. We have been given our positions in people’s lives to help them see how God has gifted them to make a difference in other people’s lives. We can help people become who God has designed them to be. People need someone to believe in them. I get it. Now, this is risky…to put yourself out there and say you believe in somebody, but that somebody desperately needs somebody to believe in them! They need you to use the words God has given you about them, and then they need you to walk with them as they take on God’s call on their lives. This is what leadership is all about. Leadership is influence.
If “The Best Is Yet To Come” at Brooklife, it is going to require more than doing the hard work of reaching this community; it requires us to empower other leaders to empower other leaders who will then empower even more leaders to go out and make A Place For Everyone! But, it starts with one person. Who’s your one person?
I challenge you to take some time over these next couple of weeks and identify someone you can pour into to help them become who God created them to be. I’ve added some questions to help direct your thoughts:
  • Who has God been putting on my heart? What has God shown you about this person?
  • What do I have to offer this person? What do I not have to offer?
  • What is keeping me from stepping into this person’s life?
  • What will it cost me to do this?
  • How can I do this well?

Fearfully and Wonderfully Made- 11.3.19 – Rob Pilant

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Is sex really the “end-all-be-all” this world tells us it is? Does it live up to all of the hype? What’s God perspective on it? I can’t wait to talk with you about what God thinks about sex

Small Group Questions

  • Why do you think “sex” holds such a powerful place in our world today? Do you think we are more “sex-crazed” now than ever before? If so, what make you think that? If not, what makes you think we are not?
  • Please read Proverbs 5:15-19. In what context does Solomon say sex should happen? What kind of value does Solomon put on sex? Why do you say that?
  • Please read 1 Corinthians 7:25-35. According to Paul, what is supposed to be the “end-all-be-all” of our lives? How does Paul reinforce that with his teaching in this passage? Why is it actually good to be single?
  • You are fearfully and wonderfully made. What does that statement mean to you? If you are made, then someone had a purpose in mind for you when they made you. What is God’s purpose for you and your body? What’s your next step in pleasing God with the body He has given you?

Download Small Group Questions here.