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Big Church – Nothing’s Free – 5.14.17 – Rob Pilant

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We’re walking with Peter as he figures out what it means to walk with Jesus. Peter is just like us, and if we can figure out how he did it, we will see how we can do it too!

Small Group Questions

  1. What are choices people make that it is obvious they did not count the cost beforehand? Why do people not naturally count the cost of a decision beforehand?
  2. Read Acts 5:12-42. What stands out to you? What feelings do you think the disciples had as they sat in prison the first time? What must it have felt like to be freed from prison by the angel? How much courage would it have taken to go right back out and continue proclaiming the good news of Jesus?
  3.  Have you seen someone’s heart soften to the good news of Jesus over time? If so, share the story. How did your heart soften to the good news of Jesus?
  4. The disciples decided it was worth dying if they had to to follow Jesus. Are you willing to make that decision? Why or why not? What step could you take to get a little closer to making that decision with your life? It is a big decision with a high cost, but it’s the only way to live. Pray for one another as take steps to follow Jesus more completely.

Download Small Group Questions here.

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