Bring It – The Secret Sauce – 3.11.18 – Rob Pilant

By March 11, 2018 Messages

Through this series, we’ve been drilling into how to live a significant life and learning from the example of that prophet Elisha. We’ve seen how choosing to trust God is essential but there’s something more required for significance, and that’s what we’re talking about this Sunday!

Small Group Questions.

  • Determination and stubbornness are two sides of the same coin. In what ways have you been stubborn in your life? In what ways have you been determined? What have been the results of both?

  • Please read 2 Kings 2:1-14. Why do you think Elisha was so determined not to leave Elijah? Was Elijah being stubborn or determined? What is the difference between stubbornness and determination?

  • Elisha’s request of Elijah was a big request. What gave Elisha the right to make such a big request? Have you ever felt the right to make a big request of God? Why or why not? Do you believe God was offended or pleased by Elisha’s request? Why or why not?

  • God answered Elisha’s request. Elisha’s life proves it. Why have you either given up on being significant or are about to give up on being significant? If you haven’t given up on being significant, what keeps you stubbornly determined? What next step can you take to be more stubbornly determined?

Download Small Group Questions here.


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