Armor of God – 5.24.20 – Rob Pilant

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We continue hearing from God on how to overcome the evil that is in our world and inside us. Specifically this week, I want to address the mind games into which the evil in this world can send us spiraling. We need help! God’s help is the Armor of God.

Armor of God – 5.17.20 – Rob Pilant

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It has been so great to discover God’s design for how we take on this world that is obviously so poised to inflict pain and suffering on us. God has given us this armor of God, and each piece helps us stand a little stronger and with less fear of what this world can do to us. This week, we add to our armor, the Shield of Faith. To put it simply, faith is the just the Bible’s way of saying “trust”.

Armor of God – 5.10.20 – Rob Pilant

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Sunday is Mother’s day, and we will be celebrating our moms and the great ladies God has put in our lives. We’ll also continue our series on the Armor of God as we learn and follow Jesus’ instructions on how to fight off the evil that is obviously so real and present in our worlds.

Armor of God – 5.3.20 – Rob Pilant

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We continue on Sunday with learning how God says we can fight off the evil that exists in our world. We know we need help because it’s just too big for us to handle. We are vulnerable. So we need protection, and that’s where the armor of God comes in. This week, we’re talking about the BreastPlate of Righteousness and what it means to put that on. That leads me to the thought I’d like you to ponder for Sunday. “What does it mean to live righteously?”

Armor of God – 4.26.20 – Rob Pilant

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Last Sunday, we started our series about how to take on the evil in this world, and the conclusion we came to was that we can’t do it on our own! We are not strong enough! We need help! We need Jesus’ help! So to receive the help we need from Jesus, we need to put on His armor. The first piece of that armor is the “belt of truth” and to help illustrate what that is all about we are going to be talking about someone in the Bible who exemplified this characteristic! His name is Josiah! You won’t want to miss his story from 2 Kings 22-23!

Also, here’s a thought to think about: How do you live in a world if there is no truth? I hope you’ll ponder that question as you prepare for joining this Sunday at 9 or 10:30am!
Discussion Questions
  • How do you define truth? Is it possible to function in a world without truth?
  • What is the difference between knowledge and wisdom? Why are they interdependent?
  • Why is “blissful ignorance” a bad idea? Why is Jesus’ way so much better?

Armor of God – 4.19.20 – Rob Pilant

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I am so excited to start this new series with you where we learn how to take on the evil of this world! This world is out to get us, and we desperately need some help because, to be honest, it’s kicking our butts a bit! How can we overcome the anxieties and fears? How can we hold onto hope? How can we not just survive but thrive? The answer is to put on the Armor of God.
Discussion Questions
  • How do you define “evil”?
  • How do you fight against the evil that is in your own heart?
  • Why do you think it is so hard for us to just let God be God and to follow His lead?
  • Are you willing to ask for help?