The Marriage Course

At Brooklife Church, we believe in strong marriages; so we are hosting a 7-week series for married couples. Whether you’ve been married just shy of a year or more than 50 years, whether your relationship is solid or struggling, “The Marriage Course” is your opportunity to strengthen and enrich your marriage.  Classes will be held from 6:00 to 8:30 pm. beginning Tuesday, February 21 and continuing weekly through Tuesday, April 4. The cost is $50 per couple, and space is limited. Find more information here.

Premarital & Newlywed Marriage Mentoring

Trained mentor couples will walk with couples before and after their wedding using the customized Prepare Mentoring Program. It begins with an online assessment taken individually and then meetings with the trained mentor couple. The cost for this assessment is $35.

We believe that giving a new marriage a good start includes a mentoring relationship that continues even after the wedding. As a result, our mentoring process includes 6 sessions before the wedding and 4 sessions after the wedding which happen over the course of the first year and a half of marriage.

For more information, email Linda Ruzga or call the Brooklife Office 262-367-4470

Marriage Enrichment

On a regular basis, Marriage Ministry will offer marriage enrichment groups for married couples using the Enrich Mentoring Program. This program begins with a customized online assessment (cost of assessment is $35) taken individually, and then couples will be assigned to a small group that meets for 8-10 weeks. Trained mentor couples will lead this small group of married couples in an introduction to new relationship skills, personality dynamics, and lead couples to grow closer to God and each other. This group is designed to be a positive and encouraging place to explore new insights into your marriage and family.

Space will be limited! To see more about our assessments, go to For more information, email Linda Ruzga or call the Brooklife Office 262-367-4470

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