House Groups of 8-15 people gather over food, conversations, life issues and a pursuit of Jesus.

At Brooklife, we believe that being part of a small group, specifically a House Group, is vital to being connected and growing in your faith.
What House Groups are:
  1. Groups of 8-15 people that get together for food, conversation, life issues and a desire to follow Jesus
  2. A great way to get to know people right in your community
  3. A group that laughs, together, serves, prays, and genuinely cares for each other
  4. A lot of FUN!
What House Groups Are NOT:
  1. Stuffy
  2. Judgmental – We are all messed up in one way or another
  3. Full of Bible Scholars – We study God’s Word, but everyone is welcome no matter what you know or what questions you have
  4. Cookie Cutter – We have groups for young adults, seniors, women, men, families with kids, etc.

Ready to Join?

Not Ready To Meet In A House But Want To Be Part Of A Group? Try Supergroup!