Faith That Works – 11.19.17 – Rob Pilant

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The last couple of weeks, we have been talking about a Faith That Works. We don’t want just a faith that pacifies but one that produces results. What does that faith look like? This week we dig into the Principle of First. These truths of this principle have the power to change everything in your faith. Click here for the video: The Principle of First

Small Group Questions

  • What are some of the priorities in your life? How do those priorities effect the rest of your life? Which priorities are the highest? Why?
  • For a Faith That Works, God must be first. Why? Do you struggle with God having to be first? Why or why not?  Have you ever thought about the concept of God not being able to do some things? What thoughts come to mind? What is it that God cannot do?
  • Why do you think money or “tithing” is such a hard conversation to have for some of us? Should it be? Why or why not? What experiences in your life have affected your perspective on giving or tithing? How does that fit with God and His ways?
  • Please read Exodus 13:11-15. Explain what this passage means in light of Sunday’s message. What if the reason we are not experiencing a Faith That Works (the blessings of God) is because we are not putting God first? What is holding you back from living life the way God has prescribed?

Download Small Group Questions here.

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