Fight or Flight – 3.22.20 – Rob Pilant

By March 24, 2020Messages

With all of the announcements of quarantines and social distancing, it’s really distressing and leads us to wonder what we can do, or even should do? Sunday, I will give you the hope from Jesus and share with you ways to stay connected in this very disconnected world as well as ways to make a difference in people’s lives at the same time.

Discussion Questions

  • How are you feeling right now? What aspects of this situation are you struggling with most?
  • What parts of what Rob and Julie shared about with their own anxieties do you most resonate with you? How is what you are experiencing different than what Rob or Julie shared?
  • How does the perspective that this struggle is temporary and that Jesus will deliver us from it affect your anxieties? How can you begin trusting Jesus even in the midst of this struggle?
  • What steps are you going to take to stay connected with your Brooklife family during this season?