Flight or Flight – 3.29.20 – Rob Pilant

By March 30, 2020Messages

This Sunday, we start gearing up for Easter, for the celebration of Jesus’ death and resurrection! And this is exactly what we need to talk about in the midst of this Coronavirus. Because Jesus is alive, we have hope in the midst of this pandemic. As we prepare for Easter, I want to introduce you to a couple of Jesus followers and how they responded when Jesus’ death was imminent. I hope we can learn from them how to stand strong and fight in the midst of unknowns and things we can’t possibly understand.

Discussion Questions

  • If you were in James’ shoes, do you think you would have shown up to fight, fled or hid? What makes you say that?
  • Explain from your perspective what makes the unknown and uncontrollable so fearful to you.
  • What steps will you take to stay focused on Jesus?