Ghost Stories. Becoming Spiritual – 4.7.19 – Rob Pilant

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We’ve learned so much about our spirituality over the last couple of weeks. But I want to wrap up with what it truly means to be spiritual. What is it like to live spiritually? And what’s the big deal if I don’t?

Small Group Questions

  • What does it mean to you to worship something? What does it mean to you to be truth? When it comes to our interactions with God, what does it mean to worship God? To be truth with God?
  • Please read the story of the Woman at the Well from John 4:1-26. What jumps out at you from this story? If you were this woman, how would you have reacted to Jesus? How would you have handled it when Jesus told you to go and get your husband? Why do you think Jesus brought this part of the woman’s life up?
  • Many times when we talk about truth, we talk about the right content or information.  Jesus was pushing for the woman to understand a deeper truth, her condition and her need for God in her life. How does Jesus mentioning “eternal life” reinforce that concept?
  • What is spirituality? According to Jesus, to truly relate to God correctly we must worship in spirit and truth. What does that mean? What will life be like if we only understand the truth but do not lean into our connection with God? What will life be like if we both embrace truth and our need for connection with God? What can you do to more fully embrace “worshiping in spirit and truth”?

Download Small Group Questions here.

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