It’s Not Over. It’s Still Not Over. It’s Only Just Begun. – 4.28.19 – Rob Pilant

By April 28, 2019Messages

So Easter has come and gone again. Jesus died and rose again…now what? Where do we go from here? What do we do with Jesus? That’s what I’m so excited to share with you this Sunday! It’s Not Over! It’s Only Just Begun!

Small Group Questions

  • When you think of what it means to “really blow it” in life, what comes to mind? Have you ever really blown it? How does thinking of that time make you feel? Do you often think of how you really blew it? Why do you think it has left such a mark on you?
  • Please read Acts 2:22-24, 36-37. Peter uses some strong language with these fellow Jews. How do you think the Jews felt during Peter’s challenge? What do you think was the heart behind them asking, “Brothers, what shall we do?” Recognizing how each of us have blown it with Jesus and the life He has given us, do you find yourself asking the same question? Why or why not?
  • Please read Acts 2:38-40. Thankfully, Peter doesn’t leave us hanging and tells us what to do. What does Peter mean when he tells them to repent? What is Peter talking about when he tells them to be baptized? Why are both of these steps so essential to forgiveness? What is forgiveness? Do you feel forgiven? Why or why not? Are you hanging on to your failure even though God has forgiven you? If so, why?
  • Peter had blown it. Peter repented. Peter went public with his faith. Peter embraced forgiveness. And Peter became a bold voice for Jesus. We see in Peter a progression. Where are you at in the progression? What’s your next step to move to having a bold (or bolder) voice for Jesus?

Download Small Group Questions here.

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