It’s Not Over. Life after Belief & Repentance. – 5.5.19 – Rob Pilant

By May 5, 2019Messages

It’s Still Not Over! We’ve got ourselves squared away with Jesus, but what now? Does God really believe He can change the world through me? The answer is YES, YES, YES! God wants to use you to bring life, love and hope to this world. This Sunday, I want to show you how.

Small Group Questions

  • Have you ever really “devoted” yourself to someone? What did/does that look like? Have you ever devoted yourself to some thing? What did/does that look like? What does it require of you?
  • Please read Acts 2:42-47. What kind of pronouns show up throughout this passage? Throughout the New Testament of the Bible, God’s focus is almost always on us working together. Why do you think that is so important? Why is working together so complicated? Is it worth it to figure out how to work together?
  • Please discuss what it means to be devoted to the following: the Apostles’ teaching, fellowship, breaking of bread, and prayer. Which of those things is hardest for you to really get into? Why? What would make it easier? Would doing any of these things together make them easier or more fulfilling?
  • Jesus called us to change the world…together. How are you taking steps to do your part in the church to change the world? What steps have you made? What is your next step?

Download Small Group Questions here.

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