It’s Not Over. Our Easter Celebration Begins – 4.14.19 – Rob Pilant

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This Sunday, we kick off our Easter Celebration with this thought, “It’s Not Over!” No matter where you are in your life. No matter what you’ve done or where you’ve been, because of Jesus and His resurrection, “It’s Not Over!”

Small Group Questions

  • Have you ever experienced something in your life where you felt like your life was over? If you are willing, please share that experience with the group. What makes moments like that so hard to recover from? In those moments have you ever asked God why this happened to you?
  • Please read Matthew 21:1-11. What do you think was the mindset of the people who were cheering for Jesus? Why do you think Jesus was riding on the foal of a donkey?
  • Please read Matthew 21:12-13. What do you think Jesus’ rationale was in jumping off the donkey and immediately flipping tables in the temple? We see very few times that Jesus was truly angry. This is one of them. Why? How does that apply to how Jesus would view our world today?
  • The Jews were looking for Jesus to fix their problem. We are looking for Jesus to fix our problem. How does Jesus’ way of fixing our problems differ from the way we would like it done? Why is that so frustrating for us? What choice do you have? What choice will you make?

Download Small Group Questions here.

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