The mission of Men’s Groups is to see men come to know, follow, and grow in Christ and become better husbands, fathers, sons and friends. We develop relationships that help encourage and challenge men in every season of life.
All men are welcome!


val•or (n)  /ˈvalər/
1) The qualities of a hero 2) Courage and boldness 3) Determination in facing danger

The goal of Valor Men’s Groups is to encourage men towards being men of valor in all areas of their lives. Meetings include fellowship with others, conversations on life, Bible study, sharing of prayers and praises and opportunities to serve others. Email Larry for more details or any questions.

Join Men’s Thursday Morning or Night Group starting January 9 for a new study, Drive Thru History- The Gospels.
Who would you say is the most significant person who has ever lived? Dave Stotts takes us on his most exciting adventure yet as he tells the story of Jesus from the locations recorded in the Gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John.  Dave travels to over 50 ancient sites in Israel to deliver the Gospels in a fresh and compelling way.  As Dave uncovers the evidence for the truth of scripture, he encourages all of us to get excited about reading the Bible again!

Men’s Valor Thursday Morning
Meets weekly in the Café from 6:30-8:00am

Men’s Valor Thursday Night
Meets weekly in the 45 Degrees Room (follow signs) from 6:30-8:00 pm

Valor Men’s Groups are proud to participate in The City on a Hill Monthly Neighborhood Health Outreach, which provides holistic services to meet the medical, nutritional, social, emotional and spiritual needs of uninsured, medically underserved, and homeless residents of the central city. The clinic is the second Saturday of every month from 12pm to 3:30pm. Participation is voluntary. 

Are you confused about what it means to be a man in today’s culture? You’re not alone! Combining inspiring stories with biblical insights, Batterson unveils seven virtues of manhood—tough love, childlike wonder, willpower, raw passion, clear vision, true grit, and moral courage—to help you fulfill your calling as a godly man and disciple the next generation. More than a book; it’s a movement of men who will settle for nothing less than fulfilling their highest calling to be the man and the father God has destined them to be. Meets for 4 weeks. $10, REGISTER HERE.