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By February 16, 2019 Rob's Blog

“We’re getting married!!!” Now this is one of those pronouncements pregnant with anticipation, whether said by the bride-to-be, who expects everyone to “oohs and ahs” and congratulate her with a big hug as she extends her hand to display “the ring”, or by the groom-to-be, who expects punches in the arm and good natured comments like, “What are you thinking? You’re life as you know it is over!!!” We all have expectations! And on Sunday, February 3rd, thankfully, our expectations were met and even exceeded with the presentation of the next step we are taking in owning the dream God has given us for this community. We are all about creating A Place For Everyone to Experience the Love of Jesus, Find Life-Giving Relationships and Pursue Their God-Given Purpose!

I believe the logo is a great representation of that dream. It uses the geo pin concept to represent the “place” where people can find Jesus, and then, the “b” in the logo shows the journey to what should be the center of our worlds, Jesus. The open space at the top gives the idea of both being open to everyone coming in but also to us going out to bring people in. I am very proud of what our team has come up with, and I received so much enthusiastic feedback that I am confident we have taken the right step.

The other thing I was excited about sharing is how our congregation knows our mission and what we are about. Not much could be more exciting than that! We are all on the same page! I love it! There’s not much that can stop a group of people united together with one focus, especially when that focus is on fulfilling the dream God has called us to and empowered us for. Big things, GOD-sized things, are coming in our future! I am so excited to be a part of what God is doing in this community through His church, Brooklife.

With all of that being said, what’s next? We’ve got to get busy growing in our walk with Jesus! We need to truly experience His love and direction in our lives. The more we experience His truth and life, the better our lives will be. Then, we will naturally overflow with His love into our community. People in this community are just as lost as we once were. People need to know who Jesus is, what He is about, and why it matters. We’ve got to make disciples of Jesus, who are able to go out and make more disciples. In our context, that means we need to be raising up new adults, student and group leaders. To be A Place For Everyone we have got to get out into this community so we can bring Jesus’ love to people where they are at. We have to have a heart for those who have not yet found the amazing love, hope and life, which only comes through a personal relationship with Jesus. We have a huge calling! There are over 50,000 people in this community and we cannot rest or relax until everyone of them has a safe place!

Thanks so much for embracing this dream and helping equip others to grow to be an effective part of accomplishing this dream. You are the heroes of Brooklife Church! Keep up the great work! We can’t and won’t accomplish this dream without you!

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  • cml says:

    Thank you for your inspiring message! One comment on the new logo which I do like but it is void of one important element. I would have liked to see a cross at the center of the b representing that Jesus Christ is at the center and our heartbeat for everything we do.

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