Ordering Your Chaos. True North. – 9.9.18 – Rob Pilant

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School’s back in session, but that doesn’t mean the chaos has stopped! Too many times, it feels like this world has us by the tail, making us do what it thinks is best. But that’s absolutely not the best way to live. I want to show you how God says to get a grip on your life!

Group Discussion Questions

  • Which is the most chaotic part of your year? What makes it so chaotic? When is the most “normal” part of your year? What makes it feel so normal? What dictates your schedule? Do you like that?
  • Please read Romans 12:1-2. Why do you think Paul started off with saying, “In view of God’s mercy”? What is mercy? What does God’s mercy teach you about God? Paul urges us to offer ourselves as living sacrifices to God? How does understanding God’s mercy make this a more reasonable “urging”? What holds us back from fully embracing that decision?
  • What makes it so hard to not “conform” to the world? Logic tells us that the “world’s” system is broken. What makes it so hard to abandon what everyone else is doing even when what they are doing is broken?
  • We all know the saying, “It’s hard to teach old dogs new tricks.” How does that apply to being “transformed by the renewing of your minds”? When you have had to change a pattern or habit in your life, what did it require? From what you learned from changing a habit in the past, how can you apply that to letting your mind be transformed so that you follow God’s True North instead of the wasted wanderings of this world?

Download Group Discussion Guide here.

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