Global Outreach

“A Place for Everyone to pursue their God-given purpose”

It’s a short statement that captures a sweeping vision for what we want to accomplish as a community. At Brooklife, we believe that our impact must be both local and global. As a result, we are developing strategic international partners around the world that are serving in areas where the name of Jesus is unknown, where the church is underrepresented, and where there is intense suffering.

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Brooklife Short-Term Trips are one way that we accomplish this mission. On a short-term trip, we hope that you will learn about God’s work and God’s people around the world. We hope that you will be stretched to serve and use your gifts in new ways and in a different context. We hope that you will develop a global perspective of God’s kingdom and that this trip will be a first step in even greater involvement in global outreach.You are potentially launching into a life-changing experience. Short-term trips are difficult, challenging, exhilarating, humbling, awe-inspiring, memorable, community building, norm defying, culture shifting, and faith building. Through a trip, you will become more aware of aspects of God that, up to now, have been hidden from you. You will become more aware of who you are and perhaps some of your own brokenness. You will become more aware of the amazing diversity that God has designed and which reflects Him. You will become more aware of the desperate need for God’s Kingdom throughout the world and the amazing faith and giftedness of some unique ministry leaders Brooklife is partnering with around the world. If you are interested in getting involved or learning more about global outreach, contact Rob.