Reality Check – 5.19.19 – Rob Pilant

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Have you ever wondered why we are so obsessed with Reality TV? I think maybe it has something to do with loving to watch all the drama because somehow, it makes us feel better to know we aren’t as bad as them! But we all have drama, and in the midst of that drama, how do we find the life God designed us to have? We can learn a lot about life from a guy named King David! That’s what we’re talking about this Sunday.

Small Group Questions

  • What Reality TV shows do you like to watch? What’s your favorite part of the show? Why? How can your own personal life sometimes feel like Reality TV?
  • David’s life definitely comes off like Reality TV. When you think through all that happens in 1 Samuel chapters 1-4, how would you describe David’s life at that point? If you found yourself in a similar place, how would you feel? How do you think David felt about having had to wait so long to become king when God has promised him that so much earlier?
  • David actively waited for God’s timing. What does “active waiting” mean to you? How would you practice that in your own life? What does it mean to really “wait” on something?
  • What are you waiting on in your life right now that you believe God has promised you? What are you doing in the mean time? What’s your next step?
  • How are you taking steps to do your part in the church to change the world? What steps have you made? What is your next step?

Download Small Group Questions here.

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