Reality Check. Danger of Shortcuts – 5.26.19 – Krista Heinen

By May 26, 2019May 30th, 2019Messages

We continue our series, Reality Check about the crazy and drama-filled life of David. We pick up the story in 2 Samuel 6 where David is now the King of Israel. He wants to welcome God into his reign. But instead of doing it the right way, he takes a shortcut with deadly consequences. As we unpack this passage, we are going to find there are no shortcuts with God.

Small Group Questions

  • What did you learn about the Ark of the covenant from the sermon? And what shortcut did David take when transporting the Ark?
  • God is not arbitrary in His commands. There is always a purpose to what He asks us to do. How have you seen this play out in your own life?
  • What are shortcuts we take with God? Why are there no shortcuts with God? What happens when we try to take those shortcuts?
  • How is God worthy of our worship? Should this influence our desire to take shortcuts? Why?
    When have you tried to take a shortcut with God? What happened?

Download Small Group Questions here.

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