Risk It. The Book of Ruth – 11.4.18 – Rob Pilant

By November 4, 2018 Messages
We start up a brand new series called Risk It! It’s a series about compassion from the Book of Ruth. Believe it or not compassion is risky business but it is so worth it! Join us this Sunday at 9 or 10:30am as we learn from Ruth how to live risky lives full of compassion!

Group Discussion Questions

  • When you think of the most compassionate person you know, who comes to mind? Why? Who has been the most compassionate to you? What have they done for you?
  • Review the story of Ruth chapter 1. How desperate was Naomi’s situation? How do you feel about Orpah’s actions? Why are we so impressed with Ruth’s actions? Why is it so hard to be compassionate to the level of Ruth’s compassion?
  • How is Ruth’s compassion a reflection of Jesus’ compassion? Read Romans 12:10. What makes this a great definition of godly compassion?
  • Who are you having outrageous compassion for? Who should you be having outrageous compassion for? Why? What steps can you take to express that compassion?

Download Group Discussion Guide here.

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