Storyline – 1.6.19 – Rob Pilant

By January 6, 2019 Messages

We all are in the middle of our story, but all of our stories are made up of smaller stories that, when put together, make up that big storyline of our lives. Where you are in your current chapter really dictates how you need God to work in your life. Are you just starting a chapter, in the middle of a chapter, or ending a chapter? We want you to know where you are and how God wants to lead you to succeed at living out this chapter of your Storyline. Click here for week one devotionals.

Small Group Questions

  • What is your favorite story (movie, fairytale, someone’s life, etc.)? What makes it a great story? Donald Miller, in his book Building A StoryBrand, says that every great story has the following: A Character / Who Has A Problem / Then Meets A Guide / Who Gives Them A Plan / And Calls Them To Action / That Action Either Results In / Success or Failure.  Do you agree with Donald? Try comparing your favorite story with Donald’s pattern. Does it hold true?
  • Our lives are built of many smaller, interwoven stories. Where are you in the story of your life? Read Ecclesiastes 3:1-9. Are you at the beginning of a chapter of your life? Are you in the middle of a chapter of your life? Are you at the end of a chapter of your life? Is it a good place or a tough place? Please share with the group where you are at?
  • No matter where you are in your life, the most essential thing you need in order to have a “Well Done!” life is a great guide. His name is Jesus. How can you follow His direction based on Romans 12:12? What is the hardest part of following His directions?
  • What does it look like to be “joyful in hope”? What does it look like to be “patient in affliction”? What does it look like to be “faithful in prayer”? What next steps do you need to take in these three areas? 

Download Small Group Questions here.

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