When in Doubt. Overcoming Doubt- 9.29.19 – Rob Pilant

By September 29, 2019Messages
We wrap up our series, When In Doubt, answering the question of “What do I do if I still have doubts?” Jesus knew we would. In fact, He planned for them. His design on how He wants us to approach life assumes we will have doubts. His plan for us meets us where we are at and teaches us where to go from here.

Small Group Questions

  • Besides God, what else do you have doubts about? What makes you doubt these things? Were there things you once doubted but now trust? Are there people you once doubted but now trust? What changed?
  • Read through the following quote:  “I must have truth. Therefore I doubt. If I did not doubt, I’d be just another one of those suckers P. T. Barnum was so grateful get born once a minute; I’d fall for every carnival sideshow delusion that comes along. And I scorn delusion. I must have hope. Therefore I believe. If I did not believe, I would cave in to despair. And I dread despair. In addition to believing and doubting, there is choosing. I must decide which road I will follow. I must place my bet.” — Ortberg, John.  Do you agree with this quote? What thoughts about doubt does this quote make you think? What thoughts about hope? Why is making a choice so important?
  • Please read Matthew 4:18-22. How did the disciples make their choice to trust Jesus in this moment? How did that turn into trusting Jesus with their lives?
  • Upon what do you base your beliefs about Jesus? How do you handle your doubts about God? Where do you get your answers when you have doubts? How have you come to trust Jesus even when doubts come up?

Download Small Group Questions here.