When in Doubt. Hope- 9.22.19 – Rob Pilant

By September 22, 2019 Messages
Doubts are real and part of what it means to be human. Doubting isn’t sin, but it can really challenge how we can move forward. We’ve talked about how unrealistic expectations can lead to most of our doubts, but this week, I want to talk about how to combat our doubts. It comes from a little thing called Hope, and it is has the power to change the world!

Small Group Questions

  • What do you wish for? Does it make any sense to make wishes? Why do we make wishes? Upon what evidence do we base our expectation that this world should be different?
  • Please read Luke 8:40-48. How do you think it must have felt to be the lady with the constant bleeding for twelve years? How would that have effected how she interacted with people? How would that have effected her relationship with God? What do you think she would have been willing to do to restore her health?
  • Why did this lady have hope after twelve long years of struggle and disappointment? How do we keep hope in the midst of disappointment? How do you defend that your hope in Jesus is a wise decision?
  • What happens if we are wrong to place our hope in Jesus? What happens if we are right? Can we still place our hope in Jesus while having doubts? What does that look like?

Download Small Group Questions here.