When in Doubt. Doubting Isn’t Sin- 9.8.19 – Rob Pilant

By September 8, 2019September 11th, 2019Messages
This week, we start a brand new series called, “When In Doubt,” and the title is exactly right. It’s not IF we are going to have doubts. It’s WHEN we have doubts, what do we do with them? Is it sinful to doubt God? Can I have faith and still have doubts? Such a big and important topic.

Small Group Questions

  • Have you ever had unfounded doubts about someone? What caused you to doubt that person? Think about a spouse or close friend. How have they overcome your doubts about him/her?
  • Have you ever doubted God? The answer is “yes”. What do you doubt about God? Do you find it comforting or concerning that your pastor, John Ortberg and even John the Baptist have had doubts? Why?
  • Please read Luke 7:18-29. Who is John the Baptist? What all had John the Baptist accomplished? What did Jesus think of John the Baptist? Why did John the Baptist doubt God?
  • What do you expect of God? Take some time and list them. Are your expectations founded in what God has promised to be or provide, or are they what you want Him to be or provide? Why is understanding the difference between these two questions so important?

Download Small Group Questions here.