Unsensibly Sensible. Those Who Mourn?. – 7.14.19 – Rob Pilant

By July 14, 2019Messages

Unsensibly Sensible is such a great way to describe Jesus’ teaching. He pushes past our natural way of thinking into His supernatural way living. This week, we look at His statement, “Blessed are those who mourn.” How can someone who is mourning be the blessed one?

Small Group Questions

  • Please read Matthew 5:4. What things in this world break your heart? What things in this world should break our hearts but don’t? What things in this world break God’s heart?
  • Please recap the story of Jonah 1-4. What parts of the story stand out to you? Why did Jonah despise the Ninevites so deeply? How do you think Jonah rationalized his hatred for the Ninevites?
  • Can you relate to Jonah? Be honest! Why is it seemingly so easy for us to hate people we don’t like? Why would we not hate those we dislike?
  • Jesus flips our entire world on its head with His way of doing life. Why is His way so much better? What would happen if we truly started seeing people, all people, like Jesus sees them? How could you start seeing people through Jesus’ eyes?

Download Small Group Questions here.

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