The Me I Want to Be. How to Hear From God – 1.7.18 – Rob Pilant

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It seems that every year we desire to kick off the year with wanting to fix something that’s a bit out whack in our lives. I think that’s actually a really good thing, but what should we pick? That’s exactly what this series is all about: what it takes to become The Me I Want To Be!

Small Group Questions

  • What makes “pure gold” pure? When you think of being “purely human”, what comes to mind? What parts of humanity seem to be counterfeit humanity? Why do people settle for a counterfeit humanity?
  • Please read Psalm 119:9-16. Why is God important in the mix of becoming “pure”? Why is God’s Word important to becoming “pure”?  What is the purpose of the Bible in your mind?
  • Why do you think many struggle with reading the Bible? Some say the Bible is hard to understand, but take on really difficult pursuits in other aspects of life. Why do you think they do not see that kind of value in reading the Bible? How does seeing the Bible as the means to understand how to live the life I was designed to live effect that perception?
  • Do you desire to be the pure you God designed you to be? If not, why not? If so, what are you willing to do to attain it? What step can you commit to take tonight to begin on that path?

Download Small Group Questions here.

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