Who Do You Say I Am? Deathly Fears – 7.8.18 – Rob Pilant

By July 9, 2018Messages

This Sunday, we take on one of the hardest things we face: fears and where a life of fear takes us. When we look at Jesus and Who He claims to be, one of the greatest things He promises is is a life free from fear.

Small Group Questions

  • Do you agree that the fear of death leads us to some of our dumbest decisions? Why or why not? Why is death so scary? What place does the fear of death hold in your life?

  • Please read Hebrews 2:14-15. Have you ever felt like a “pawn” in a great cosmic game where you had no control? Why? Did you know you were? The devil used you to hurt God, but God did not play the game. How does it feel to know that God is not playing games with you? How does it feel to know that God was willing to do whatever it took to rescue you?

  • Freedom is one of our greatest longings. One of the reasons for choosing Jesus is the belief that He has freed us from the power of death. If it’s true, how would it make you feel? What keeps you from embracing that belief fully?

  • What are your next steps with Jesus? Are you living a reactionary life or a proactive one? What is the purpose of your life? How are you making this life count?

Download Small Group Questions here.

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