Who Do You Say I Am? Why Would Jesus Do That? – 7.15.18 – Rob Pilant

By July 16, 2018July 20th, 2018Messages

We are wrapping up this series, Who Do You Say I Am. It’s been a real intimate look at Who Jesus claims to be and Who is He to you. This last message is all about why did He go about being there for us the way He did.

Small Group Questions

  • Have you ever started a new hobby or sport and was amazed at how intricate it was? What hobby or sport? What parts surprised you? What assumptions did you make that were not true?

  • Please read Hebrews 2:16-19. Why do you think Jesus needed to become human? Does it give you comfort that Jesus did? How does it feel to know that Jesus understands what you’re going through in life? Do you believe He does?

  • The passage says that Jesus made atonement for us. He made it where we can be “square” or right with God. How does that make you feel? Do you feel like you aren’t right? Why or why not? According to Jesus because of what He did, we are right with God. What keeps you from believing that?

  • What is your next step with God? Is it baptism? Is it serving somewhere at or with Brooklife? Is it leading a LifeGroup? What keeps you from taking these next steps?

Download Small Group Questions here.

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