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MonMondayMayMay25th2015 POWER!!!, Overflowing Series - #7 - Rob Pilant, 05.24.15
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Small Group Questions

  • What is the biggest display of power you have ever seen in your life (maybe a tornado, hurricane, explosion, etc.) Take a minute to describe the power you saw displayed in that event.
  • Have you ever experienced a time when someone stood up for you? Please describe it. In Ephesians 1:19-20, it describes God’s power as incomparably great and for us. How does it make you feel to know that the God of the universe has your back?
  • Many times the way we see power displayed is when it is in devastation. The power spoken of in this first chapter of Ephesians is the power to “restore”. What are some ways you see that God uses His incomparable power in the lives of those who believe in Him?
  • With this kind of “for us” power available to us, why is it that we struggle with fear, doubts and worry? What will you do this week to embrace the power that God has in your life?

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