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MonMondayMayMay18th2015 But Now I See, Overflowing Series - #6 - Rob Pilant, 05.17.15
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Small Group Questions

  • Hope is a power packed word. When you think of that word, what comes to mind? Try to put yourself in the shoes of a non-Christian; what would “hope” mean to you?
  • Have you ever had a “light bulb” moment? One where all of a sudden, you got it. If so, please describe that moment to the group.
  •  Ephesians 1:18 speaks of the eyes of your heart being enlightened. What “light bulb” moments have you had spiritually? Please share with the group. What are aspects of the spiritual world where you are hoping to have a “light bulb” moment? Or what are some aspects of God and His plan that you do not understand but one day hope to?
  •  What are some ways you can begin being enlihgtened right now? Pick one of the ways, and begin doing it in your life.

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