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TueTuesdayOctOctober6th2015 All Access Pass - Week 4 Inclusivity!
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Small Group Questions

  • Do you remember that time when didn’t get picked? You know, it might have been the kickball game, the prom, the job opening, etc. How did it feel to get excluded?
  • In Paul’s letter to the Gentile (anyone who’s not a Jew) churches in the area of Ephesus (2:11-13), he points out that the Gentiles were not part of the original promises God had made to the Jews. Why did the Gentiles (us) get left out? Who’s fault was it that the Gentiles were left out?
  • Circumcision seems like a crazy thing to brag about, but that is exactly what the Jews were doing. What are some crazy things we brag about today? What are some crazy things we discriminate because of today?

  • Jesus says that all of that discrimination, hate, and division ceased because of His sacrificial death. Why? If Jesus ended the discrimination, shouldn’t we? Why or why not? How do we end it?

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