Global Outreach

Brian & Heather Dellamater

Brian and Heather are the directors of Kijani Farm, a Gospel-centered community development project serving the Maasai people in Southern Kenya. Our ministry focuses on five areas:  Clean water, Education, Spiritual Growth, Job Training and Healthcare.  In 2021, our prayer has been to ask God to redeem the time lost. He is doing it! We have seen the doors open to new conversations, new friendships and new opportunities to share the Gospel. Covid did give us time for extensive prayer, evaluating ministry and coming up with new and creative ways to reach our Maasai neighbors. This year, we are anticipating digging a deep well on Kijani Farm, starting a preschool and developing a remote pastoral training program.

Mission Organization: Kijani Farm
Address:  P.O. Box 381
Namanga, Kenya 00207

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