Global Outreach

Dick & Ruth Robinson

Dick Robinson and Ruth Hidalgo met in 2002 when Dick visited the jungles of Peru, on a mission team with Leadership Resources International to train local Shipibo Indian church leaders. Ruth, a Peruvian national from the city of Pucallpa on the Ucayali River, served as a missionary with LRI. Dick, born and raised in Africa to missionary parents, was a pastor at Elmbrook Church for thirty years with wide experience teaching pastors around the world.

They married in 2010 and then joined Palm Missionary Ministries, a mission out of Florida supporting national church leaders to serve as missionaries, church planters and leaders.

Supported through Palm Ministries, Dick and Ruth formed a ministry called RiverWind Global, which exists to TRAIN DISCIPLES – GROW CHURCHES – (and) ENCOURAGE MISSION, joining with Latin American churches to promote the kingdom of God in local contexts; discover, develop and place kingdom servants in the mission of the church; and speak and teach about church and indigenous mission.

In addition, Dick is a co-founder and Board member of the Congo Initiative, establishing a bilingual (French and English) Christian university in the eastern Democratic Republic of Congo, to train and develop strong, indigenous Christian leaders who will transform their communities and nation; modeling, nurturing and shaping an authentic, redemptive community of Christ’s followers.

Ruth teaches the narratives of the Bible – many of the Old Testament stories of God’s calling of a people to Himself – as a foundation for the gospel stories of the life, teaching, death and resurrection of Jesus to oral cultures in the Amazon basin of Peru. She uses materials produced by Scriptures In Use.


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