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Serving with Jack and Lael Crabtree

We are your church planters among the Wantakia [wahn-tuh-KEE-uh] people of Papua New Guinea! We got plugged into Brooklife during our time in training to become missionaries. After training, it was clear to us that God was leading us to an unreached people group in Papua New Guinea. So, Jill and I and our 3 kids moved to PNG in January, 2014. After we learned Pidgin, the national language here, we were invited by the Wantakia people to come live among them.

The Wantakia people are a remote, tribal group of 5,000 people in the mountains of PNG. They are subsistence farmers, who depend on their gardens for their livelihood. They are totally cut off from many services that we enjoy in America–schools, stores, hospitals, roads, airplanes, and many other basic things we take for granted everyday. However, their greatest need is to hear God’s Word in their own language. Therefore, we have made 5 promises to the Wantakians:

  1. We will learn your language and culture.
  2. We will teach you to read and write in your language.
  3. We will translate God’s Word into your language.
  4. We will teach you God’s Word, from beginning to end.
  5. We will teach you how hold on to God’s Word and do His work (make disciples).

So, a lot of people ask us, “How long will you be there?” Well, we have made a task commitment, not a time commitment. We are committed to the task of seeing healthy, mature, reproducing, New Testament churches planted among the people here. And in order for that to happen, we desire to see those 5 things happen in Wantakia.

We are currently still learning the language and culture (along with our coworkers, Jack and Lael Crabtree and Jeremy and Mandy Hambrice). Please pray for health, perseverance in language learning, and for our team to remain unified!

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